Hanover Circle Condominium


Service providers & Contractors

Media access is strictly governed by the applicable rules and Hanover's Board of Directors. Only authorized media service providers may be used for media services. For information regarding cable, satellite, phone or other telecommunication companies allowed to service Hanover's premises, click the appropriate link:

​Likewise, for information regarding home repair work, plumbing, HVAC or similar services, click the designated link below:
​​ NOTE:  Telecommunication services may only be provided by Board approved service providers.  Any, home repair or construction that is beyond cosmetic requires the written pre-approval of the Board.  Heavy fines are imposed for violations.  Please check Rules page and alert the Board prior to starting any construction.  David Carlysle with Criterium Carlysle Engineers will have to perform an inspection before and after any structural alteration at the cost of the owner.  He can be reached at 205-744-5004.