The below is a list of home repair contractors/providers whom have experience with Hanover Circle: 

​Mailbox keys/locks: Click the contact page and email HAI to have your mailbox lock replaced.

BANNED CONTRACTORS: The following people are not allowed on property to do any work of any kind either under an individual name or any other named entity: WILLIAM H. "BEAU" or "BO" CURRIER; DALE NEAL; K&N Contracting; John Vickers; Vickers Design/Build; Natco Construction, LLC; Korey Nations; Thomas B. Burnett; Tom Burnett Electric

Lowe's hires independent contractors to do dishwasher installs (possibly other items) and they refuse to provide the COI as required by HAI documents. Therefore, no owner may contract with Lowe's for a plumber to install appliances or do any work on property. This does not prohibit an owner from having Lowe's deliver to the property.

*No work shall be performed without HAI having licenses and insurance information on file.

**Roof access is restricted and is by appointment only. 

***For any repair that may be the result of a common line or issue, the Board will only be responsible for repair costs that would have been charged by one of the above recommended providers.

****Anything that is more than cosmetic in nature requires Board approval.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic $2500 fine regardless of the care taken.
*****In no way shall this information be construed as HAI accepting any liability for or providing a guarantee as to the work done or not done by anyone listed herein.  

Hanover Circle Condominium