The following are approved Media services providers: 

Hanover Circle Condominium

​*The above satellite provider is the only one authorized to come onto the property and provide service.  

Failure to call this exact number will result in either not getting service or an extreme delay in getting service.  This is a condominium property and not a normal residential home install, therefore third party retailers, bundles with other services, and calling a national 800 number despite what they may tell you will not work here.

**Spectrum (formerly Brighthouse) is on notice that the only authorized entity to provide service on this property is it by sending out an actual employee of Spectrum.  When making an appointment be sure to tell them they must send out an employee and no third party as they have a history of ignoring this.  It is for your safety and to ensure a clean, good install that they comply.

A Spectrum employee will be driving a van with logos all over it.  Third party providers will typically be in a truck with no signs or magnetic signs identifying the name of the company.

***Direct TV is not authorized even though it is now owned by AT&T.