Hanover Circle Condominium

An Exclusive highland park community

one community

The young professional 

A large number of Hanover residents are young doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals starting out in their career or growing their careers.  Hanover provide these young professionals with residences close to the action downtown with the necessary peace and quiet to recharge.


The professional/graduate student 

Graduate or professional students attending any one of UAB's professional schools, UAB's medical, dental, and optometry schools comprise a large section of Hanover's population.  Law students and pharmacy students round out the lest of these hard working, great to have neighbors who demand and get that necessary level of tranquility to excel in their professional studies. 

the mature upwardly mobile

The last major category of Hanover residents includes skilled professionals at the top of their game.  Established attorneys, accountants, and various elected officials enjoy the conveniences Hanover has to offer.  

Regardless of profession, age, or stage of life, Hanover residents collectively enjoy centralized living with individualized levels of connection.  Hanover is strategically located within walking distance and/or a short drive to downtown, UAB, Samford, Birmingham Southern and many of Birmingham's wonderful eateries and entertainment districts.  The true beauty of Hanover is being physically situated in the middle of everything Birmingham has to offer while simultaneously having a quiet, almost secluded residence to call "home."  

resident type

A home, not an apartment complex.

Hanover Circle is a Condominium property organized under the Condominium laws of Alabama.  Like a city, Hanover Circle has the ability to self-regulate in order to promote the ultimate enjoyment of the property for its residents.  Hanover Circle's governing board strictly enforces Hanover's declaration, by-laws, and rules ensuring the highest possible living environment for all residents.  Hanover residents are not subjected to the chaos commonly associated with unruly apartment complexes, or substandard condominiums lacking in rule enforcement.